New Year’s Eve is going to look quite a bit different this year: no impressive fireworks display in the capital, no parties in the pubs and no large gatherings at home. With all of the tiers in the UK having restrictions on socialising, it’s likely that most of us will be celebrating in a very low-key way with just our own household, indoors. Even though in some ways we can’t wait to see the back of 2020.

Take some inspiration from New Year’s Eve traditions from around the world. In the Philippines they dress in polka dots for good luck. And in Denmark it used to be all the rage to throw plates at your neighbours’ door (the more broken crockery you found in the morning the more popular you were)! Now we don’t recommend doing that, but it might be cathartic to take the 2020 calendar and burn it in the back garden!

If you have some outside space, why not change things up and see in the new year in the fresh air? There’s something so cozy about getting bundled up on a cold night, you could light some sparklers, have some hot drinks in flasks and if it’s a clear night, do some star gazing. We’ve all spent more than enough time inside this year! If you have a barbeque, camping stove or even just some candles, light them up for extra coziness.

Here’s a great way to reconnect with your household after a stressful year. Everyone thinks of two genuine new year’s resolutions and one fake one, writes them down on pieces of paper and they all get placed in a hat or bowl. Take it in turns to pull a resolution out of the hat/bowl and guess who wrote it.

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