How will you celebrate the end of 2019 - Will you be gathering with family to ring in the new year? Or are you partying with friends well past midnight? Whatever you’re doing, it’s hard to believe it will be the start of a new decade soon!

Fireworks to frighten off bad spirits - As well as looking pretty and lighting up the winter skies, fireworks are set off to frighten away any evil spirits that might threaten to spoil your happiness in the new year. Londoners aren’t taking any chances this year – they’ll be spending over £3 million on the official New Year’s Eve firework display!

Chuck a washing machine out the window - In South Africa, police have had to crack down on the tradition of throwing appliance and furniture out of the window as too many passers by were getting hurt! Apparently chucking things out on New Year’s Eve helps you to let go of the past (Italians also do it with pots and pans).

We think of a glass of bubbles as the quintessential drink for New Year’s Eve, but perhaps the more authentic choice would be a glass of Wassail, a cider-like punch. Holland’s traditional NYE drink is mulled wine - makes sense to have something warm, I guess! Unsurprisingly, Scottish people like to celebrate Hogmanay with whisky for a merry year ahead (and some sore heads in the morning no doubt)!

However, you choose to celebrate the start of a new year, have fun, stay safe and don’t overdo the booze (we speak from experience)! All the best to our readers and here’s to a - Happy and Healthy 2020 for all of you.

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