The National Space Centre was opened in 2001 and it’s distinctive ‘pillow tower’ (which houses the larger exhibits) has become a much-loved landmark of the region. The centre is not only a fantastic day out for anyone interested in space and astronomy, it’s also home to academics from the nearby Space Research Centre. 

The planetarium is the place to see incredible immersive shows – it’s a 360-degree experience! Continuing the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of man landing on the moon last year, they are showing ‘CAPCOM GO! The Apollo Story’. This tells the story of the Apollo program and the incredible feats of engineering and human endurance that resulted in man first stepping foot on the moon in 1959.

The Space Centre’s Into Space experience allows you to follow in the footsteps of astronauts on a journey into space. They have an amazingly realistic mockup of part of the International Space Station, as well as spacesuits that were actually used by astronauts. Find out more about what life is really like orbiting 250 miles above the earth, including how to go to the toilet!

The National Space Centre has loads of amazing artifacts on display, including Blue Streak and Thor Able rockets, both ballistic missiles used by the UK and USA. The rocket tower is also home to NASA’s Apollo Lunar Lander, which was the first and only crewed vehicle to land anywhere beyond Earth. You can even see what rocks from the Moon look like!

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