It’s dark. And eerily quiet. A VR headset is firmly and comfortably fastened in front of my eyes, whilst heavy-duty earphones block almost all sound.Around me, my comrades in arms, to my right, Jon (my boss). To my left, John (MeetspaceVR owner). No pressure then.

Then, light. A virtual waiting room appears before us. No sooner have the 3 of us adjusted our visuals and checked in than we are thrust into a digital world - a world thick with fire and industry. Gone is the featureless empty room in Nottingham city centre - we have been transported into a bustling industrial factory with molten metal spilling over and machinery clanging around us.

From strategically placed lift shafts, broken doorways, and pits - the undead pours in. I’m keen to test each of my 3 weapons in turn, effortlessly switching between double-barrelled shotgun, perfect for close range, long-range, slow to load crossbow and my personal favourite, the “Jack of all trades” assault rifle.

Once we’d thwarted the final wave of foes, we are treated to the adulation of our virtual audience whilst our arena announcer commends us for having survived. The team and I make a mad dash to the exit portal and like that, we are transported back to the real world, removing our headgear and survival packs, revealing again the empty VR room

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