The ultimate fast paced and fun team activity that supports social distancing, we’ve delved into the armoury and come up fully loaded with some great venues in your sights.These top suggestions, with plenty more across our pages, offer dedicated locations, a variety of indoor and outdoor terrains, and a huge range of scenarios and challenges for up to 100 players, to get you truly pumped.

Situated within easy reach of the M60 Manchester ring road, Paintball HQ enjoys a well-deserved reputation amongst the best in the country: a massive 50-acre playground of varying woodland terrain and unusual features including ditches, streams, swamps, forts, pillboxes, and much more!

In paintballing, no one wants to be sitting out when they could be playing. Manchester Paintball Arena has removed this frustration with at least 50% guaranteed ‘Respawn Games’ per session, where shot victims are reanimated and sent straight back into the excitement!

Do you feel lucky? Find out at Delta Force Paintball Manchester! Smashing expectations that paintball is limited to military-based scenarios, let your imagination run wild among six of the biggest and best paintball game zones in the UK. Scale the 100ft long Berlin Wall, swagger through authentic saloon swing doors in the full-scale Wild West Gold Rush scenario.

Splatkidz Paintball parties are uniquely designed for younger players, so no one’s left mismatched left out, or underpowered- it’s just full-on fun, all the way! An arena-based paintball experience, each two-hour session starts with a two-team practice game to get comfortable and hone skills.

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