Escape Rooms have exploded in popularity over the last few years, with most towns and cities offering live action puzzle games to eager participants. The great thing about escape rooms is the seemingly limitless potential for themes: from bank heists to witches and wizards to science experiments gone wrong

Omescape offer escape room experiences worldwide, including 2 locations in our own capital. Whether you’re new to escape rooms or a dab hand at puzzles, they have designed their games to be suitable for all levels

Enigma Quests aim to put your courage, quick thinking and creativity to the test with their breakout games. Working as a team of 3-5 you will be given a mission to complete in just one hour, by solving mysteries and overcoming obstacles

Escape Rooms have taken the genre to another level, with 4D sensory experiences that will test all your senses and fully immerse you into the game. At their London Bridge location, you can choose from Pharaoh’s Chamber and Room 33 (set in 17th century China)

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan than this is the escape room for you – Escape Games on Oxford Street has got a themed game called Right to the Throne, where you must solve the mystery of the missing heir. There is also a Leonardo Da Vinci themed game which weaves in the legend of the Holy Grail

Namco Funscape is next to Westminster Bridge and right next to the SEA LIFE Centre and London Eye – so right on the tourist trail. This escape room is shorter in time than most, clocking in at 765 seconds, but it is also cheaper!

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