Visitors are welcomed by the Farrell Family and their team, who have been working in the leisure industry for 30 years. These folks know that getting together and taking part in activities outside has a host of benefits, from helping with teamwork and concentration to fostering a positive attitude and sense of achievement.

If you haven’t heard of Laser Tag before, it’s a similar game to Paintball except you don’t end up with loads of bruises at the end of the day! Using the same state-of-the-art laser targeting equipment as the military uses in training exercises, you’ll find the ‘guns’ more accurate. Another benefit is you don’t have to worry about running out of paintballs, as your ‘ammo’ is essentially unlimited.

Well, this sounds like fun! Mini Tanks are a new and exciting alternative to Quad Bikes and Go Karts. Just like their full-size counterparts, Mini Tanks run on tracks and can handle all kinds of terrain and weather, even snow. They have been designed and engineered in Britain to be one-person machines and the 2-lever system is so easy to operate that even children can drive them.

Leisure Matters have several target sports activities on offer, and we really like the sound of the .22 rifle shooting option. Their experts will guide you through the basics of handling, loading, and shooting the rifles in a safe and fun way, letting you set your own pace. On the shooting range you will have plenty of time to develop your skills in aiming and (hopefully) hitting the targets.

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