Prepare yourself for a ‘mind-stimulating experience’ at Escape Reality. There are 6 rooms to choose from - if you’re a horror fan they have fright-filled escapes in the Sairento and Hostel rooms, or perhaps you’d like to try your luck escaping from Alcatraz?

Escapologic’s Leicester escape rooms have over 6000 square feet of incredible detailed spaces that aim to transport you into another world. From action and thrills to bewildering puzzles, you’ll be thinking about these games long after you escape.

The rooms at Escape Asylum are definitely for the brave, with each one having a ‘scare rating’ from one to five. You can face your fears in Phobia, help a dead King in Riiitual, escape a cult initiation in Buried and solve a murder in Asylum 2

There are 6 games to chose from at Clue HQ Leicester, all with different themes, including ancient Egypt, nuclear bunker and artificial intelligence. They’ve been designed for groups of family or friends and are also great for corporate team building or school groups

Do you have what it takes to escape an abandoned cabin, a wizarding school or medieval castle in just 60 minutes? The games at Escape Leicester are suitable for ages 10 and up, and the website shows you the success rate so you can decide whether you want an easier one or more of a challenge

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