One thing we’ve certainly had drummed into us over the last year is the importance of being safe. And let’s face it, the dreaded phrase ‘Health and Safety’ has never had much allure, even before Covid turned it up to eleven.

AirVault Inflatable is Greater Manchester’s first inflatable & trampoline park, and is still firmly at the forefront of fun. The massive ‘bounce area’ contains spring-loaded trampolines, inflatables, Ninja walls, foam pit, climbing walls, slides, obstacle course, airbag, and jump tower.

It’s 364 days of fun at Trafford Park’s Inflata Nation, where the staff only get a rest on Christmas Day! Manchester’s newest inflatable arena has had a full revamp, reopening bigger and bouncier than ever, with two levels of bouncy exhilarating fun.

Total Ninja is an inflatable park so massive and immersive, it’s spawned an entire philosophy! Take your budding warriors here and see them follow the bouncing, tumbling, laughing path of the Ninja hero, to find their breathless destiny! Each challenge on the eleven ninja runs is designed to show what you can do, not what you can’t.

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