Here’s our top picks of go karting venues in London.

Be warned, your competitive side will come out!

Oasis Project in Lambeth is the home of The Right Track, part of a charity that uses go karting and other activities to develop confidence and skills in children both with and without disabilities.

Oasis Project

Racing a go kart on ice might sounds crazy, but that’s exactly what you can do at Queens in West Linton. Perhaps you’ve already tried more traditional go karting and want to give it a go on a completely different surface, or just like the idea of whizzing around on ice!

Queens in West Linton

TeamSport have recently doubled the length of the track to 800 metres, by permanently joining two tracks together at their international circuit. Race the electric karts on the amazing multi-level track and you can reach speeds of up to 40mph!

TeamSport Tower Bridge

A short drive outside London takes you to Traq Motor Racing with over 40 years of experience in go karting and motor sports.

Traq Motor Racing

Revolution Karting has been called the ‘hidden gem’ of karting, with a 750m floodlight track that is the fastest in London. Drivers can reach speeds of 45mph!

Revolution Karting

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