When Globalls set out to create a new mini golf venue in Brighton, they wanted to offer something completely different from the usual course. They gathered a team of art and music loving creatives and developed an experience like no other! With eye-popping UV artwork and carefully curated playlists, Globalls has become a real destination in the trendy town.

The immersive murals and incredible model dinosaurs transport you to a vision of prehistoric times you won’t find in any textbooks! While you’re playing an ingenious game of mini golf you get to roam with triceratops, tyrannosaurus-rex, stegosaurus and many more of your favourites. Compete against your family and friends to achieve your lowest handicap and enjoy the primeval scenery while you’re at it.

If you’re fed up of grey skies and drizzle, the bright colours on display in the brand new Tropicana course will cheer you right up! Perfect for adults and children, the 12 holes are designed for all abilities and also offer great photo opportunities with the amazing scenic backdrops. Escape the boring real world outside with a wander around a jaw-droppingly colourful tropical jungle full of exotic animals

Dinosaurs and Santa Claus – a combination so genius it makes you wonder why everyone isn’t doing it! At Globalls this Christmas, Rudolph is having a break and Triceratops is stepping in to take charge of Santa’s sleigh. The creative team have put a fantastic festive spin on the Jurassic Course with UV Gingerbread people, Snowman and Reindeer

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