It’s great to be able to start planning family days out again, but how to choose something that ticks everyone’s boxes? The kids want to run about and make a mess, of course. What’s that- with animals? And tanks?! For the grownups, it can mean somewhere easy to get to, good facilities, and of course the chance to join in the excitement. 

Blast off for an intergalactic laser tag adventure like no other at Star Command: The Outpost. Step through the airlock and your group is transported far from civilisation to the Federation's galactic outpost, navigating the arena’s maze to take on the enemy and come out victorious. Or take the next step in Virtual Reality exploration and gaming: with magical landscapes to explore and thirty games to choose from, it’s hard coming back to earth!

With over 100 rescue donkeys and ponies, you’re sure to make friends for life at the Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary. Meet these sociable creatures close-up in the sanctuary’s 55 acres of beautiful countryside, and learn about their important therapy work with Alzheimer’s and stroke patients and more. Groom and take a donkey for a walk, or book a half day ‘donkey experience’, before taking the weight off your hooves in the café and gift shop.

An exciting alternative to Quad Bikes and Go Karts, Leisure Matters Mini Tanks are exact miniature versions of full-size Army tanks: fully tracked, one-person any-terrain machines. After getting kitted out in camouflage combats, climb in and head off around the specially designed woodland battlefield course, taking no prisoners as you go! 

Situated within an historic 16th century building in the heart of beautiful Stratford upon Avon, Tudor World invites you to discover what life was really like during Tudor times. Try writing your own masterpiece with a quill pen, join Henry VIII at a feast, try a four-poster bed fit for Queen Elizabeth for size, or take part in a witch trial- but beware getting put in the pillory!

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