Whatever you’ve got planned for the Christmas break, Coronavirus restrictions guarantee that it’s going to look a lot different from the usual festivities. But whether you’re celebrating Christmas just with your own household, or you’ve created a support bubble that allows you to meet up with selected others indoors, we have lots of fun activity ideas to keep you smiling!

Due to the social distancing restrictions of Coronavirus, there are now lots of companies offering virtual meet-n-greets with the big man himself. You can book a time slot for your kids to have a live video conversation with Santa from the comfort and safety of your own home. No more waiting in long lines for a 30 second interaction!

Goodness knows we could all do with a drink after the year we’ve had! Why not get your family together for a Come Dine With Me style cocktail competition – each participant creates the Christmas cocktail of their choice which are judged and graded by the others. From warming mulled wine to homemade eggnog, there’s a host of recipes for traditional favorites available online.

Some of the best Christmas games are ones that you can make up yourself – for instance, how about a scavenger hunt to get people off the sofa for a while? Or put on some happy Christmas tunes, have everyone dance about then stop the track and shout ‘freeze’! Everyone has to freeze in whatever silly dance position they were caught in, and the first person to move is out.

What better time to get cozy and settle in for a Christmas movie marathon? Have everyone in your family or bubble pick 2 of their favourite Christmas movies, then put all the options in a hat and pick out 3 to watch. Then have the inevitable debate about whether Die Hard is in fact a Christmas movie!

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