Bunker 51 is a lovingly recreated military bunker inspired by the Cold War and nuclear arms race, and the owners have done a fantastic job of making a fully immersive arena for indoor games like Laser Tag, Airsoft and Paintball.Designed as a city-centre, indoor alternative to the more rural woodland activity arenas, it’s located near North Greenwich so the perfect destination for Londoners and day-trippers alike.

At Bunker 51 you can choose between two carefully curated and themed game zones: Loading Bay – players can hide behind multiple obstacles (including an actual truck!) and take cover in small rooms in this large open game zone that makes you really feel like you’re in a secret underground bunker. Missile Silo – with 3 large missile silos, a missile launcher, and multiple rooms to seek shelter in.

If you’ve always through that Laser Tag is a poor alternative to Paintball that belongs in the 80s, think again! The team at Bunker 51 have completely reinvented the game by investing in state-of-the-art equipment, offering a variety of different game modes, and hosting all the games in a realistic close-quarters battle arena. This magic combination results in an action-packed session that’s perfect for kids of all ages and the young at heart!

If you’ve tried Paintball but don’t enjoy the bruises you get afterwards, or you want to try a combat game with a bit more realism, then Airsoft is the one to go for. Airsoft is a game that’s more concerned with military simulation than paintball, and you use replica weaponry with BBs rather than paintball pellets. There is much more focus on tactics and strategy with Airsoft, and you get a better sense of working as a team to achieve your goals.

When all’s said and done, sometimes you just can’t beat a game of Paintball! Bunker 51 is the only indoor paintball centre in London, so whatever the weather is doing outside you can enjoy a game without worrying about getting wet or muddy. With the latest equipment to ensure the ultimate paintball experience.

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