As we reported in last week’s blog, escape rooms are the hot team leisure activity, perfect for reconnecting with friends and family in a safe, secure environment. Wherever they’re located, escape rooms can take you deep into the past, beneath the surface of the earth, or off the planet altogether! This week we’re looking at a South Wales venue which offers is a gateway to adventure.

Started by a small team in 2016 and growing into a successful and sought-after venue, Breakout Live Swansea believes in the personal touch, which has elevated it beyond and above many other escape rooms. Your whole experience is based around its professional, friendly and personal team, dedicated to ensuring you have a great time and enjoy the experience.

Breakout Live Swansea’s three games have been designed and manufactured in house, so you won’t find another copy anywhere else in the world! (Prison Strike, Mumbles Bunker and Voyager)

Breakout Live Swansea is located in central Swansea; the owners wanted to help in the city’s regeneration plan, so they took on an empty office pace and transformed it into a fully-fledged escape room venue offering three exhilarating games.

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